Keeping Safe in Pakistan is a Collaborative IOM initiative that was developed and created by the IOM Security Awareness Induction Training programme in Pakistan(PSAIT), with support from the Staff Security Unit, Staff Development and Learning Unit, the Medical Unit, the Legal Department and the Information Technology and Communications Department in IOM.The course could not have been designed or completed without the generous contribution of the European Commission Department for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO).


The Course was written by Anna Wansbrough-Jones and Arsalan Fatima Ghani, e-Learning Coordinators, IOM Pakistan. They were supported by the extensive technical expertise and advice on content and design of the course by:
  • Enrico Ponziani, Head of Mission, IOM Pakistan,
  • Steve Mayall, PSAIT Programme Manager, IOM Pakistan, and
  • PSAIT Chief Instructors, IOM Pakistan.
Ms. Ghani led a committed team that worked industriously to develop the course:
  • Waqas Mirza (Web Designer and IT Assistant,IOM Pakistan) designed and developed the e learning website. He also filmed the interviews that appear in the course.
  • Asad Majeed along with his team at Megatronix Studio created the online course. 
  • Irfan Khan was the brilliant programmer who did the backend programming required to run the course.
  • The introductory video was produced by the adroit talent at Elements Interactive.
  • Zain Ashir and Akber Ahmed were the talent and genius behind the illustrations.
Useful advice and feedback on individual modules and course sections was provided by the following individuals (in alphabetical order):
  • Dr Jenny Nasseem, Clinic at Canadian Embassy, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Dr Mohammad Umer Adil, MBBS, MHP/Programme Coordinator, Quality Assurance and Control, IOM Islamabad
  • Dr Robert A Harrison, Head, Alistair Reid Venom Research Unit, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
  • Azhar Iqbal, PSAIT Instructor, IOM Pakistan
  • Harris Khan Khattak, PSAIT Instructor, IOM Pakistan
  • Mahwish Saeed Syed, PSAIT Instructor, IOM Pakistan
A special thanks goes to the film interviewees (in alphabetical order):
  • Dorothy Blane, Country Advisor, Concern Worldwide, Pakistan
  • Enrico Ponziani Head of Mission, IOM Pakistan
  • Fauzia Abidd, National Resilience Manager, World Vision International, Pakistan
  • Imran Wazirm, Assistant Country Director for Systems and Overseas Security, Concern Worldwide, Pakistan
  • Steve Mayall, Security Awareness Induction Training Programme Manager, IOM Pakistan
We would also like to thank some of the beta-testers who patiently tested the modules and provided critical feeback ensuring the website works seamlessly:
  • Mathieu Jacques, (Senior Program Manager, Internews-Pakistan, 2012-2013)
  • Jessica Turk-Browne, (Program Manager, NDI-Pakistan, 2012-2013)
  • Benneth Wyke, PSAIT Chief Instructor, IOM Pakistan
Finally, many thanks to all those unnamed individuals who did things big and small to help make this course reality.